Kustom Quad Jr + kaappi

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Kustom unleashes a mighty new half-stack amplifier for guitarists. Called the QUAD JR., the Special Edition rig reinvents Kustom's bestselling QUAD 100DFX Series by modifying its circuitry for heavy, modern rock tones.

Unlike most 100-watt, solid-state amp stacks, the new QUAD JR. does not need a second speaker cabinet to deliver its full power potential. Instead, it delivers all of its 100 watts into one Celestion-loaded, 4-ohm 4x12 speaker cabinet. Tonally, its circuit has been modified to provide increased gain and tight low-end response. The result is a half-stack that excels at heavy music but still has the versatility to deliver warm clean sounds and crunchy, medium-gain tones as well