Fender Princeton 650
Fender Princeton 650

Fender Princeton 650

498,00 €
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A club gigger's best friend&mdash easy to carry, replaces all your pedals, and packs a serious punch!

The Fender Dyna-Touch III Princeton 650 Guitar Combo Amp responds dynamically to your touch, sounding cleaner or dirtier depending on how hard you play. Premium details like nickel-plated steel hardware model-specific, handcrafted DSP effects and a 12' Celestion speaker put the Fender Princeton 650 amp in a league of its own. A new look plus seven new timbre filters, channel memory, tuner, and external speaker jack mean this Fender combo amp delivers professional performance for an amazingly low outlay.


  • 65W
  • 12' Celestion speaker
  • Nickel-plated steel hardware
  • Handcrafted DSP effects
  • 7 new timbre filters
  • Channel memory

It's the one you need, and it will never let you down. Go for it!