Kitaravahvistin Fame T64RS Mini half stack (käyt)

220,00 €
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The T 64 RS possesses a tube pre amp (12AX7A) and a 60 Watt solid state power amp. (käyt/used)

It&rsquo s loaded with 2 channels (Clean, Lead). 
Easily switch between the two channels with the optional foot switch. 

The integrated spring reverb can always and easily be mixed into the signal.

As far as the sound characteristic is concerned, this amp falls into the Rock category, 
whereby the Lead channel reactions are very variable, and also feels at home with Blues.

These combos are built by famous manufacturers for Music Store Cologne - the same manufacturers where many famous brands also built their amps.
Features: 60 W Measures: head (L/W/H): 52 x 18 x 22 cm cabinet (L/W/H): 61 x 61 x 32 cm weight: 36 kg (head + cabinet) colour: black

Manufacturer: FameWeight (kg): 36
Number of Channels: 2
Reverb: Yes
Effects loop: Yes
Headphone Connection: Yes
Foot Switch Connection: Yes