Bd singlepedaali Tama Iron Cobra HP600D

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 Tama HP600D

 Tama, HP600D, 600-sarjan Iron Cobra pedaali.

- Duo Cam mahdollistaa sekä pyöreän(Rolling Glide) että epäkeskon(Power Glide) voimanvälityksen.

Single Pedal

The newest addition to the Iron Cobra series, the Iron Cobra 600's most unique feature is a reversible cam called the 'Duo Glide Cam.' A simple adjustment allows fast changes between a true round 'Rolling Glide' sprocket and an offset 'Power Glide' sprocket. Drummers can choose the appropriate cam based on playing style, musical environment, and personal preference. In addition, the Iron Cobra 600 features a newly designed hinge for precise footboard action, and ball bearing equipped 'Speedo-Ring' rocker cam.
(offered under license from Pearl, U.S.PAT.NO.6172291)